Paddle the Flambeau River in Price and Rusk Counties

South Fork, County Highway W to Hervas Camp Landing - 15 miles, 7 hours

A very challenging stretch of river with some ferocious whitewater

This extremely challenging leg of the journey begins at the public launch area at Highway W. Paddle 1 1/2 miles to the first rapids, Carpenter Rapids, a fairly easy stretch of whitewater. But 2 miles downriver is a really challenging rapids - Cornsheller Rapids. Scout this section of water before attempting it. Less than 3/4 of a mile below Cornsheller is the challenging Price Creek Rapids. And only 800 yards below Price Creek Rapids is the extremely dangerous Bull Rapids. Again, stop and plan your approach to this water before attempting it or portage around it. Just downstream is Prison Camp Rapids and then the Highway M bridge. Sounds like a lot of whitewater? It really is - but some of the toughest water is yet to come.

Only 800 yards or so below the Highway M bridge is some of the most extraordinarily beautiful and challenging water on the whole river. Slough Gundy is famous for its rock formations as well as its dangerous rapids. As with all hazardous rapids, it is best to stop and plan your route or portage. The next set of rapids, Little Falls, is so hazardous that it should not be paddled - there is a well-worn portage around this rapids. Save your energy for Scratch Rapids, located just 400 yards downstream, and Gunners Rapids less than a 1 mile downriver. Otter Slide Rapids comes up another mile later. Two miles of easy paddling through breathtaking country will take you to the Flambeau Forks, where the North and South Forks of the Flambeau finally come together. There is a campground here and another one 800 yards downstream. Enjoy the scenery the last 2 miles of paddling downstream from the forks before you get to Hervas Landing.

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