Paddle the Flambeau River in Price and Rusk Counties

The North Fork of the Flambeau

  The North Fork of the Flambeau River takes on a variety of moods as it flows southward from the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage towards its confluence with the Chippewa. There are stretches that are brawling whitewater as well as stretches of wide, slow-moving flowages. Rock formations, fantastic scenery and excellent fishing make the North Fork a favorite among paddlers.

Water is available at the following landings: Nine Mile, Dix Dox, Highway W (there is a spigot behind the forest office), Camp 41, Fishermans, and Hervas.

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Be sure to check back often for up-to-date river conditions for the North Fork of the Flambeau.

Maps and Descriptions:

Turtle Dam to Park Falls
Park Falls to Nine Mile Creek
Nine Mile Creek to Highway W
Highway W to Hervas Camp Landing
Hervas Camp Landing to Big Falls Dam
Big Falls Dam to Ladysmith
Ladysmith to Thornapple Dam
Thornapple Dam to Chippewa River


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