Paddle the Flambeau River in Price and Rusk Counties

North Fork, Turtle Dam to Park Falls - 18 miles, 8 hours

A good mix of challenging whitewater and wild scenery.

Launch below the Turtle Flambeau Dam for an 18-mile voyage that immediately begins with some excitement. The first mile of the trip is through fast rapids, leading to the very challenging, narrow and potentially dangerous Notch Rock Rapids. It is important to stay to the middle in this stretch to avoid contact with the steep rock walls. About 400 yards below Notch Rock Rapids is Island Rapids. Stay to the left of the island - the right side is quite dangerous.

After this, you will paddle through Flat Rapids, and 3 miles later pass Bear Skull Rock. For the next three miles, the river will pick up speed and you will find several rapids, including Quinn’s Rapids. The next 2 miles hold many smaller rapids that are easy to navigate. As you pass First Rapids, the river will begin to take on a slower character. This continues for the next 5 miles to the town of Park Falls. There is a portage of about 400 yards through Park Falls where the river runs through the mill’s dams. You can take out your canoe at the Agenda Landing north of Park Falls or at Hines Park and Campground on the left bank in Park Falls. 

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